Revving Up: All-Ford Car Extravaganza in Los Angeles.
The Fabulous Ford Forever event is the biggest all-Ford event in the US. It is held annually in Los Angeles and is always a sold-out event. Over a thousand vehicles from all generations gather to share the love of the blue oval brand. This year’s event celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Mustang, the number one sports car in the world in terms of sales.

Thousands of enthusiasts gathered at Irwindale Speedway to see hundreds of Mustangs from all generations. Some 1964 ½ models were on display, and Ted Ryan, Ford’s historian, told the stories of how this car came to be.

Rick Titus, Steve Saleen, Lyn St. James, and other people who made history with Ford also shared memories and stories. Kemal Curic, who designed the sixth generation of the Mustang, was also in attendance. Everyone attending the show will remember it for its many historical cars and celebrity appearances.

Irwindale Speedway also has a 1/8-mile dragstrip, and participants were encouraged to run their cars. Many Ford race cars came to show what they could do when hundreds of horsepower were let loose on a drag strip.

I like to see older, non-restored vehicles, as I’m always in awe of how these cars are still around. However, many heavily modified newer Mustangs also caught my attention. The performance enhancements on many cars were impressive and costly

I’m glad to see that there are so many car clubs in Los Angeles, particularly with many young people involved. It’s great to see that the car culture is alive and well. I also noticed a lot of toddlers who will likely become lifelong car enthusiasts after attending this show.

Mustangs, Broncos, and F100-F150 were the top three categories at the event. From stock to ultra-expensive modifications, all of them looked great. This annual event, partially sponsored by Ford Motor Company, is a great way to keep enthusiasts loyal to the brand.

Attendees also had the opportunity to test drive the 7th-generation Mustang, the most powerful ever. As part of a national tour highlighting the new car, people could drive through an autocross track adjacent to the event. Everyone had a big smile when they got out of the vehicle.

Mark your calendar for next year’s event. It’s one of those SoCal car events that shines in attendance and organization. It’s a day to ensure your whole family understands your passion for wheels.

All-Ford Car Extravaganza in Los Angeles