New Lexus GX, Monogram, the maker of luxury appliances that has been synonymous with craftsmanship and  elegance has partnered with luxury car maker Lexus to create a unique vehicle.

Together they design a bespoke concept vehicle for culinary, wine, and spirits aficionados: the Monogram GX.  The vehicle made its official debut at the Food & Wine Classic. “Our all-new Lexus GX was designed to highlight the unique duality of luxury and off-roading capability, enabling our guests to create amazing experiences on the road,” said Cynthia Tenhouse, vice president, Lexus marketing. “Together with Monogram, Lexus is taking the GX experience to a new level, where road adventures meet culinary experiences.”

“This unique pairing of unexpected luxury cooking while away from home is created with signature pieces from Monogram that elevate the everyday,” said Julie Burns, executive director of Monogram appliances. “The Monogram GX puts an entirely new spin on the road trip experience with a crafted, culinary journey.”

Inspired by the Monogram Designer Collection, Lexus and Monogram consulted with the luxury appliance brand’s creative director and celebrated interior designer, Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, to bring this concept vehicle to life. Alongside the industrial design team at Monogram, Richard looked through an elevated lens to further heighten the vehicle’s refined style and proportions. Showcasing a story on materiality and entertainment, the Monogram GX features two-toned camel leather custom patterned interior, an emphasis on brass and titanium metal, Dekton slate stone accents, custom rims, and exterior detailing.  The brands tapped the elite team at Complete Customs to build and engineer this one-of-a-kind showpiece.

Lexus GX
Lexus GX
Lexus GX

Specialty features of the Monogram GX include:
Monogram 30” Smart Flush Hearth Oven: the electric hearth oven was handcrafted to capture the performance of a wood-fired brick oven to prepare pizza, soft artisanal bread, or fresh-caught roasted branzino.

Monogram Forge Heated Ice Press: the first and only heated ice press in the U.S.; entertain to the nines with this showstopping piece, that creates a sphere to chill bourbon or spirits.

Exterior Wine and Bourbon Storage: with pressure fitted cutouts on the exterior side panels, individuals can store bottles of wine, bourbon, a bottle opener, and glasses for quick retrieval of drinking essentials.

Chilling compartments: a rear cold drawer and an additional cold console compartment in the back seat offer flexible chilling for your ingredients.

Plating Station: additional hearth-oven must-haves, cutlery and trash bin are positioned within the trunk.

Wine and Spirits Bar: the bar comes complete with a bar kit, glassware, bitters, and folding cutting board.

Definitely  a one-of-a-kind vehicle that inspires innovation and out-of the box.