Born from a passion for air-cooling Porsches, Patrick Long and Howie Idelson, creators of Luftgekühlt, do it again with a new event.

 In the world of automotive culture, few events captivate enthusiasts quite like Luftgekühlt until today. The show offers something truly special bringing both Air and Water porsche owners together for Air|Water.

In the open air of the Orange Country Fair & Events Center in Southern California on April 27. Luftgekühlt’s air-cooling Porsches find themselves sharing an autoshow with their successors the water-cooling Porsches.

Air|Water isn’t just about mixing the two elemental cooling engines together. But it is to embrace Porsche’s work with the classic air-cooling Porsches to cutting-edge electric vehicles, symbolizing a shift towards the future of automobiles.

The event showcases a stunning variety of vintage and modern Porsches, each perfectly built to reflect the uniqueness of their owners.

Over thousands of cars from iconic models like the 356 and 911 to rare gems such as the 959 and Carrera GT, enthusiasts were treated to a visual feast.

Even a 1960 Porsche Diesel tractor.

For many it was their first time seeing some of these cars in real life.

Many of Luftgekühlt’s partners were present with their cars as well. Such as, Pirelli, Hagerty, Meguiar’s, Palm Springs Porsche, Gunther Werks, Singer, Röhma and Leica.

Cars from the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach such as Gt America, GTP, GTD, IMSA and Indy cars were present as well.

Along with those cars were some racers such as Joerg Bermeister who drove the American Le Mans series, 24 hours of Le Mans, and the Porsche Carrera Cup.

One of the best aspects of the showcase was its inclusivity. Luftgekühlt welcomes thousands of enthusiasts of all ages spanning generations. Including animals as well for those pet lovers.

Porsche Diesel

Whether it is seasoned collectors sharing stories of restoration projects or young kids admiring vintage designs for the first time, there is a place for everyone at Air|Water.

There are two options for attendees. Entry of spectators without a vehicle starts at $50. Those wanting to bring their Porsche to the event, meanwhile, will have to pay a $100 entrance fee.

As for the Best part of the event the more serious collectors found themselves at the Broad Arrow Auctions. With cars you don’t see everyday from 2015 918 Spyders at 2.5 million dollars to 1956 356 Pre-A at 180,000 dollars.

As the auctioneer’s voice echoed through the venue and bids soaring to dizzying heights, attendees were swept away by the electric atmosphere.

Whether seasoned collectors or first-time bidders, each participant shared in the thrill of the chase, united by a common love for the Porsche legacy.

Air|Water now has a permanent residence at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Costa Mesa.

Their partners Meguiars [car cleaning products]  held a photo contest during the event. The contest was open to everyone in attendance. Winner was given a comprehensive car care package.

This event should definitely be on the top of your bucket list especially if you consider yourself a car enthusiast. Air|Water is the largest single brand event in all of southern california.