The Fiat Company introduced ‘The Cinquecento, Fiat 500’ in July 1957. Since then, the FIAT 500 has sold millions and become an icon in the automotive industry. Designed by Dante Giacosa in 1955, this small car is functional and economical for city transportation.

The latest version is the 500e, the newest electric vehicle from the Stellantis automotive conglomerate. It retains the shape and spirit of the original car while being much more significant. The car’s designers have done an excellent job keeping the initial form.

The original car had a 499cc engine that delivered 21 horsepower. The 500e is back with more power (Over 160 ft/lbs of torque) and performance, and it is an option to consider to stand out while being environmentally conscious at a reasonable cost. Studies show that average commuters do 40-50 miles a day. The Italian engineers reduced the battery’s size and maximized the car’s on-road performance. This makes the car a blast to drive between Santa Monica and Van Nuys. Equipped with a 42 KWH battery, the car can do almost 150 miles on a full charge, and has a very agile and quick response. The Fiat 500 e features 85 kW of fast-charge capability with 31 miles of range after only five minutes of charging and 80% battery capacity in just 35 minutes. A home level 2 charging wall unit or charge credits through Free2Move Charge are included with the Fiat 500e purchase to ease the transition to electrification.

The 500e features an exciting headlight arrangement and a closed grille that gives it a feminine look. FIAT offered an electric version in 2013, as well as a Gucci version, and struck a mark with Los Angeles fashionistas. The car got a bit sidelined by the extensive marketing efforts from cars like Tesla S and Lucid that turned the attention of EVs to luxury cars.