In 1988 Prada had its first runaway collection and now the latest took all fashionistas to another level!

Created by AMO, the Showspace of the Prada Fall/Winter 2024 womenswear show was incredible and it reflects the contradiction between our indoor existence and our innate connection to the outdoors.

The music, if you can call it music, was all about guttural and tech sounds that make you tremble. A visual and audible experience like never before! An instinctive attraction to history. The Fall/Winter 2024 Prada collection by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons embedded  fashion with fragments of histories, in an exploration of notions of beauty, of a contemporary world formed by memories. There is a romance, with the past, the brand is over 100 years old.

A knowledge of history not only informs the contemporaneous, but defines it – clothes are referent to different eras, other times, synchronous echoes recontextualized. The past is an instrument, a tool for learning, used here to try to invent something new. Yet rather than an intellectual examination, this collection is an emotional reaction, to ideals of beauty that still feel resonant.  Which one you like the most? Leave your comments if you want to see more fashion.

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