Adidas has welcomed Xochitl Gomez, a rising Hollywood actress and style icon, to its global family. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gomez began acting in musical theater at five and has since worked in several student films and 22 full-length musicals. She has been passionate about acting, citing musical theater as one of the reasons for her interest.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gomez took on the role of one of the youngest superheroes. Despite the film’s mixed critical reviews, Gomez’s performance stood out, earning her accolades from Empire magazine for her impressive portrayal of warmth and emotion. Her talent has also been recognized in the science fiction thriller film Ursa Major, where she has been cast.

Adidas is thrilled to announce Xochitl Gomez as the newest member of its Sportswear category. Beyond her acting prowess, Xochitl is a beacon of inspiration for the young Latinx community. Her diverse interests, including dance, martial arts, and style, reflect her vibrant personality. In the film industry, she is making a name for herself with her standout performances and her advocacy for causes that resonate with her.

Through this partnership, Xochitl will combine all her passions, including sports, culture, and entertainment, making it a dream opportunity for her. She is excited to join the all-star line-up of true icons in the Adidas family and can’t wait to get started with her new role.