Luna Luna: Avant-Garde Art Carnival Extravaganza Master Pieces of another time make a come back in LA In 1987, the world witnessed the birth of Luna Luna, an avant-garde Art Carnival that emerged in a park in Hamburg, Germany. The visionary Viennese artist André Heller orchestrated this special place. It was not another Luna Park, as this type of carnival was known, but a creative spectacle that brought together a collaboration of the best avant-garde artists of the day. Salvador Dalí, Manfred Deix, Sonia Delaunay, Monika Gil’Sing, David Hockney, and Roy Lichtenstein participated in this project. Young artists then, Jean-Michael Basquiat, and Keith Haring also had a significant input into the show.

This new  Art Carnival transcended the traditional boundaries, captivating the attendees with a surreal fusion of rides, games, and circus-like performances. Heller’s inspiration behind Luna Luna was to create an immersive experience for people. In this place, the lines between high art and everyday amusement park rides blurred into a  visual feast. The park remained open for about twelve weeks, and over 200,000 people attended.

Luna Luna is reborn in Los Angeles.
Many of the original painted parts and panels were found in the United States. Through restoration, the Art Carnival Luna Luna is back. I was fortunate to walk into this world as it opened its doors in our own Los Angeles Downtown. Next to the 6th Street Bridge, you can see a replica of Andre Heller’s art. That leads you to the entrance of a vast warehouse that, once you enter, takes you into another world. The painted Ferris wheel is something you have to see in person, as well as my favorite, the Dalidom. It is an experience which you will remember.

This indoor Art Carnival will remain open for a few weeks. It would be best if you photographed Arik Brauer’s carousel and Kenny Scharf’s sculptures. Timeless work that is iconic today. It is a step into another time, but not a nostalgia exhibit; it shows us that art is a part of us regardless of time.

Luna Luna is alive and a symbol of the avant-garde. Take advantage of this opportunity. The Art Carnival is at 1601 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles. But you will need to have tickets in advance. For more info