Carroll Shelby, a legendary figure in automotive history, left an indelible mark with his iconic machines, the famed Shelby  Cobra and Shelby Mustang. 1962 he combined a lightweight British AC Cars chassis with a powerful American V8 Ford 260 C.I. engine. After fifty cars, he fitted a larger version of the Windsor Ford engine, the 4.7-litre (289 cu in) V8, into his Cobra MK1. This car was an instant “Classic”.

In 1965, working with Lee Iacocca at Ford Motor Company, the Shelby GT350 burst onto the scene. It was the new sports car from the Blue Oval brand and incorporated Shelby’s track-proven performance enhancements. This car created the “pony car” segment. The first cars came out of Venice, but later the Shelby factory moved next to the Los Angeles airport. In its FastBack configuration, the Shelby Mustang is one of the most iconic American cars today.

1967 best muscle car in the world

The Shelby Mustang series evolved, introducing the GT350 and GT500 in 1967. These cars were more comfortable, had better brakes, and accommodated a big-block V-8 (GT500) under the hood. These Shelby Mustangs solidify its reputation for speed and style. These Shelby cars boasted the famous Ford V8 engines 289 and 427. In both cases, Shelby modifications deliver higher performance. The Ford Mustang, envisioned as an authentic American Sports car by Lee Iacocca and brought to life by Shelby, aimed to appeal to the younger generation.

The Segerstrom Shelby Event Center is one of those “must-visit” places. The collection includes very significant cars in Shelby’s history as a manufacturer. The vehicles on display are entirely restored and kept as art pieces. I could enjoy the early production of 1965 and 66 Shelby Mustangs on my visit. Additionally, a range of cars from Hertz Rentals is quite a scene. GT350 R, ’67s KR, Convertibles, and even a Cobra Daytona Coupe made my day—other significant Mustangs like the Boss, Mach 1, and newer versions of the Shelbys are parked on the second floor. The only Shelby 1000 (1000HP) is also there to see. Founded by Ted and Rae Segerstrom, both car enthusiasts and philanthropists, the center showcases the legacy of Carroll Shelby.

The Shelby Mustangs and Cobras have become American automotive icons, celebrated and loved worldwide. A visit to this collection will further enhance the appreciation for the work achieved in the sixties by a group of passionate craftsmen in Socal.