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Event Date: Saturday January 16/2021

Title of Event: Evolving Men of Color - "The 2021 Virtual Summit
Posted by: Internet Marketing
Location: Los Angeles
We can’t transform everything at once but we can make a difference in one small area at a time. Call Now : 424-239-9508

About this Event

Evolving Men of Color - "The 2021 Virtual Summit

We can’t transform everything at once but we can make a difference in one small area at a time.

Call Now : 424-239-9508

We at Ma’at University have chosen to support the evolution of men of color, and the area that we have chosen to focus on is Los Angeles County. Hopefully, through seeing significant, inspirational and quantifiable results in this localized area, we can positively affect other types of men, families and communities as well.

Call Now : 424-239-9508


* 100% of the profits of this event goes towards Positive Results Center, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit that educates and empowers underserved youth of color within Los Angeles county. Through proven PRC programs spanning youth recovery, education, and leadership training, they are lifting up our children and building healthier communities.The traumas youth experience in our area cause lasting effects for them, their families and our entire community. Together, we can make it better.

The 2021 “Evolving Men of Color" Virtual Summit is the first annual celebration for men of color who are leading our communities forward into a bright, prosperous and united future. The evolution of “all men” on our planet is paramount, and yet it's equally imperative that we hold a sacred space for ourselves and the unique challenges that only men of color experience. We love you no matter who you are, we love ourselves, our families, communities and our entire planet. Welcome to EMC 2021!

Founded by Emmy Award Winner / TV & Film Actor Kiko Ellsworth, this is guaranteed to be an entertaining, celebrity driven, mind-blowing and transformative experiential event that has never been presented in this way before now.

You will get to learn from and network with men from inspiring walks of life such as Celebrities, Healers, Highly Successful Entrepreneurs, Family men, Coaches and Mentors for Men’s Development, Community Activist, Professional Bodybuilding Champions, to name a few.

***Actors, Celebrities & Public Figures will participate as their schedules allow.

Call Now : 424-239-9508


When: January 16h, 2021

The Panels: 11am - 9pm (Times & Topics Subject to change)

• Re-Animating Your Hidden Powers through Fruit

• Telling Our Story in Entertainment

• Protecting, Providing & Leading Your Family

• Healing Your Ancestral Lineage & Leading the Way

• How to Develop into a Champion for Your Life

• How to have a Loving Completion Ceremony instead of a Damaging Divorce

• Alchemizing “Bad Men” into “Great Men”

• Universal Law, Constitutional Law & No Law

• Conscious Economics

Virtual networking breakout rooms will be available throughout the day.

** If you aren't able to make the time of a particular panel, don’t worry, all panels are recorded and all registered attendees will have access to the recorded panels.

Ready to reserve your spot?

Choose what type of impact you’d like to make! All profits go towards the under-served and under-resourced youth in L.A. County.

Choose your contribution level:

$100 - “The Platinum Man” provides 2 under-resourced youth with a month of mentorship & career training.

$75 - “The Golden Man” gives 4 under-served youth with classes for 3 months. (use code “EMC25” at checkout)

$50 - “The Silver Man” pays for 3 youth to attend an allday workshop to give them tools for healing. (use code “EMC50” at checkout)

$25 - “The Bronze Man” supports 1 youth with 3 meals. (use code “EMC75” at checkout)

Call Now : 424-239-9508


Title of Event: Evolving Men of Color - "The 2021 Virtual Summit
Posted by: Internet Marketing
Phone Number: 424-239-9508
Full Address: Los Angeles, CA 90005
Start Time: 11:00 AM –
End Time: 1:00 PM PST
Location: Los Angeles
Ticket Cost: Free

Evolving Men of Color - "The 2021 Virtual Summit

By: Internet Marketing
Office 424-239-9508
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