In the bustling streets of Los Angeles, where navigating traffic is an art form, I discovered the Hyundai Kona, a versatile companion that adapts seamlessly to the needs of city commuters. Its debut in 2017 heralded the arrival of a subcompact crossover SUV that seamlessly blended modern design with adaptable performance. I have been keeping an eye on this compact because it keeps getting better with each upgrade. Today, the Kona is one of the best options for meeting the demands of urban life, heavy traffic, and expensive gasoline.

Hyundai Kona subcompact crossover SUV , LABest, LA Best, Best Things To Do In LA
Hyundai Kona subcompact crossover SUV , LABest, LA Best, Best Things To Do In LA
Hyundai Kona subcompact crossover SUV , LABest, LA Best, Best Things To Do In LA
Hyundai Kona subcompact crossover SUV , LABest, LA Best, Best Things To Do In LA

What is new?
Its most significant feature is that three versions are available—gas-powered, hybrid, and electric. This offers eco-conscious driving to everyone without compromising functionality. With a focus on efficiency and technology, it stands out as one of the leaders in the subcompact SUV segment. It is a versatile vehicle that can provide all transportation needs to Angelino city dwellers.

What makes it unique?
I  drove all three versions in the last couple of months. Most recently, I had the special “N” model, which has a 1.6-liter turbo motor that makes almost 200HP. The AWD option also provided a very confident feel on the on or off-freeway ramps. While Kona’s primary focus is efficiency, not sheer power, the turbocharged engine option still provides almost 30 mpg. A few months back, I drove the base SEL model with a 147 HP 2.0-liter motor, and I could tell it didn’t have the acceleration like the “N” model. But if I had to choose, I would go with the basic version instead of the premium model, which greatly elevates the price. The SEL starts at around $25,500, and the “N” and its upgrades can cost around $31,000. The EV version starts at $32,000. When I look at the pricing, the SEL provides all you need for safe and comfortable everyday commuting in our city.

Is the new Kona bigger?
The exterior of the Hyundai Kona is all new, and it is a bit bigger than the previous model. It has a unique look, and several people have given me a thumbs up, a clear sign that the designers have done an excellent job. These changes keep the Kona looking fresh and modern. The interior is also roomier. The shifter is now behind the steering wheel. I like that. It allows for freeing up space in the center console, which is now lower, and opens up the space at the front. A new dash incorporates a big screen behind the steering wheel. Designers made this to be not intrusive and easy to use. But there are switches for those like me who want to avoid touching the digital screen for everything. Hyundai’s technology integration is one of the best today.

Why should you buy one?
The Hyundai Kona compact dimensions make it an ideal choice for urban environments. I like that it is highly maneuverable around town. Some people like big cars. I like compact and comfortable commuters that take me from place to place efficiently without sacrificing the basic needs of the occupants. Despite its compact size, the Hyundai Kona offers a surprisingly spacious interior, providing ample room for passengers and cargo alike. Its fuel-efficient engines ensure you can go farther on less fuel, making it an economical choice for daily commuting.

My opinion.
Its blend of efficiency and practicality offers a compelling proposition for those seeking a versatile urban companion for Los Angeles commuters. As I mentioned, the Kona’s model lineup offers something for every budget and lifestyle. All of them provide a safe and sound experience for city driving. For those interested in experiencing the Hyundai Kona firsthand, it is available for test drives at Hyundai dealerships all over Los Angeles.