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Must See Horse Event ! Horse Fair
The most beautiful horse in the world
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

A World-Class horse event for the whole family! 

One of the most beautiful and important in the world is the Spanish horse. Also known as the Andalusian breed, this animal possesses an athletic ability and plenty of grace. La Feria del Caballo Espanol is your opportunity to see kings' horse in action. The annual event occurs at the City of Industry equestrian center from May 8 through the 10th. Your whole family can see the different performances and Concours that will culminate with the new champions of the breed.

The most important events are the selection of the finest Spanish horse and the dancing competition. Yes, these horses can dance. And coming from the land of flamenco and Salvador Dali, this should not be a surprise. This world-class event started in 2008 and has featured the Andalusian and Lusitano horses. It is sanctioned by the ANCCE, the Royal Purebred Spanish Association, and it is the largest event outside Spain. The monks developed this horse in the 14th century, and by the 15th century, the monastery in Jerez, Spain, had achieved an intelligent animal that was strong and very agile. King Phillip II established the Andalusian horse as the horse of the royal stables and, through their grace and beauty, became the Royal Horse of all of Europe.

Mark your calendar for this family event that includes musical performances in the early evening. The Industry Hills Expo Center is a 125-acre venue with a grand arena for viewing.

It is located at 16200 Temple Ave in the city of Industry. You can get your tickets for the event at the gate or visit

Must See Horse Event ! Horse Fair
The most beautiful horse in the world

By: Ricardo

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