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Best car interior today ?
Grand Wagoneer is back
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

Some cars surprise you with their power. Others amaze us with their efficiency. But from time to time, something enters the market that leaves us speechless. Jeep re-introduces the Grand Wagoneer name with a large truck in the SUV segment, but that's only part of the news. This Grand Wagoneer transports its occupants to a world of high luxury that leaves behind brands such as Bentley and Land Rover. And it's not just my opinion. This vehicle has become a new interior standard in the premium segment. Who would have thought it would be a Jeep to do it? 

While its exterior is a bit timeless with a delicate chrome grill, just opening the door presents us with something unexpected. You are seeing a dash faced with American walnut wood,  aluminum embossed details, and an interior upholstered in delicate Nappa leather. These are details that until recently were unimaginable in an American product. The seats, for example, have 24 adjustments through electric motors and adjustable headrests in 4 positions at the push of a button. These high-quality Palermo leather seats have perforations to allow hot or cold air to pass through them. The two-tone and diamond-shaped stitching is beautiful, and as if that weren't enough, these seats turn into massage chairs.

Luxury cars incorporate high-quality audio systems, but the Grand Wagoneer is the first to be associated with the iconic New York firm McIntosh Audio. There are 23 speakers and a 1,375 watt 24 channel amplifier inside this SUV. It sounds better than a live act.

Of course, today, consumers demand connectivity and technology. The new Grand Wagoneer comes with the latest generation of the Uconnect5 system, one of the fastest and most intuitive platforms in existence. All applications, telephone, navigation, and driver assistance are controlled through the central 12-inch screen and either by touch or voice control. Another horizontal touchscreen takes care of the indoor climate system. On the right side of the dashboard, the passenger has his own screen with which he can take charge of navigation, entertainment, and control of the cameras and screens of the passengers in the back seats. In the second row of seats, there are three screens so that everyone can entertain themselves on long trips with their favorite applications or movies. Fire TV, Wi-fi, Alexa, everything new is here. In front of the driver, the instrument panel is digital. It can handle more than two dozen different menus to choose assistance systems such as fatigue detection, adaptive cruise, lane control, and night vision. The rearview mirror now provides a better view of the rear as it is a camera in the truck's rear roof. It is also possible to see everything around the car and inside it on the central screen. The list of functions is immense, and it would take more than a week to learn them all.

I can't fail to mention that this Wagoneer is one hundred percent Jeep, so 4x4 capability is serious stuff too. With air suspension and the Quadra-Drive II package with electronic anti-lock differentials, the Grand Wagoneer is one of the most capable vehicles in the world. The SUV suspension raises the truck to have ten inches of clearance between the ground and the car. It also has a very low 48: 1 crawl speed range, allowing you to go up or down very steep slopes with ease. Snow, mud, rain are no longer things that affect the comfort of this great ship.

For me, it was the big surprise of the year. The sophistication of the interior, the integration of technology, and the capacity to transport seven persons in all types of terrain are extraordinary.  

Best car interior today ?
Grand Wagoneer is back

By: Ricardo

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