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5 Spots In Los Angeles Everyone Wants To Visit

5 Spots In Los Angeles Everyone Wants To Visit 

All The Rage: Poppy - Nightclub Fit For The Stars

If you’ve watched any movie ever, chances are you’ve seen nightclubs filled with beautiful people ordering bottle service. At Poppy, the movies come to life. The new nightclub is drenched in whimsy and fantasy. It puts a spin on classic fairytales with decorations reminiscent of the forest and sea creatures.

It’s the latest to join a block already overflowing with extravagance. Celebs haven’t stopped talking about this place yet and there’s no sign of its popularity waning, so embrace it and be dazzling you. Just heed the news from Uncover L.A. – Poppy is only accessible to the public (read: not movie stars) on Thursday nights.

Hidden Gem: Petit Ermitage - Secluded Hotel Above The Hollywood Hills

Way up high above the Hollywood Hills, there sits a secluded luxury hotel called Petit Ermitage. Its amenities, like the pool and rooftop bar, are only available to guests. So, you won’t have to fight through hordes of people to get back to your cabana. There’s also private dining available in the garden, which is an excellent way to experience nature and delicious food from the comfort of your own hotel.

According to the hotel’s booking tool, a one-night weekend stay over the summer will cost you about $350. But an unobstructed view of a California sunset is priceless.

All The Rage: Olive And June - Posh Place For The Best Mani-Pedi

If you’re in the mood for a little pampering, look no further than Olive and June. The shop, opened by Sarah Gibson Tuttle (an L.A. transplant via New York City), offers unmatched quality and affordability. According to Refinery 29, Sarah’s vision was to create a space that would be as welcoming as your best friend’s house. Mission accomplished.

All you have to do is pick your color (but there are over 350 to choose from) and then sit back for a relaxing mani or pedi (or both). If you need a healthy snack during your service, you can have that, too.

All The Rage: Broken Shaker - Tiki Themed Poolside Bar

With fairly even (and warm) temperatures no matter the season, Los Angeles is the perfect home for a year-round outdoor tiki bar (and who doesn’t love a theme). Recently, locals and tourists alike applauded the arrival of The Broken Shaker. Its concept, underwritten by the attached Freehand Hotel, brings a taste of the tropics to a crowded but refreshing rooftop pool.

L.A. Downtown News recommends sharing the punch bowl with friends, so with that insider tip, the first round is on you. The only other advice is merely encouragement: if you fall off your flamingo float, just get back on.

Hidden Gem: Jet Rag - Vintage Shopping At The Lowest Price

With great sacrifice comes great reward. Just keep telling yourself that as you lock eyes with a woman grabbing for the same sweater as you and make the choice to pull harder or let go.

This is undoubtedly the morning scene at Jet Rag, the vintage shop you will wonder how you ever lived without. At precisely 9am every Sunday, bin after bin of pants, blouses, purses, and so much more is dumped out onto the sidewalk signaling the beginning of the sale. Everything is priced at just $1.

It’s first come first serve on items, so L.A. Magazine suggests grabbing anything that looks remotely appealing and holding on for dear life.

You won’t find another vintage shop with discounts like this. Plus, you never know what famous celeb once wore those clothes.

5 Spots In Los Angeles Everyone Wants To Visit

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