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10 Fashion Tips You Need to Know
Fashion Tips That Never Go Out of Style
By: Cynthia Nellis   |  Email: Cynthia Nellis

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10 Fashion Tips You Need to Know

Trends come and go, but little black dresses, jeans that flatter your figure, and dressing for your body type will always be right. The following fashion tips will never go out of style.

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Try a Timeless Approach to Fashion

When it comes to fashion, we all love a good trend. It's nice to have something fresh and exciting to spice up the wardrobe from time to time. But nothing beats timeless style. The allure of a perfect neckline or simple, elegant lines may not heat up the runway each season, but they work really well in real life.

And, not surprisingly, some of the things which flatter your figure the most may not be the trendiest. A-line dresses, empire waist dresses or even a great pair of jeans — their trend status comes and goes, but those cuts will always look good on certain body types. (More on that later.)

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Rely on the Little Black Dress

Whether you opt for a head-to-toe chic black look or decide to add a pop of color to your little black dress, know that the LBD is a look that will take you anywhere. Even newer ideas — like wearing nude shoes or adding a leather jacket — can help elevate your look.

If all you can afford in your closet is a little black dress, it's the one look that will take you just about anywhere and there are many ways to pull it off.

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Develop Your Own Sense of Personal Style

As we said before, trends come and go — but that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't grab hold tightly of the ones that work best for you. Fashion fades and style is what's eternal. Focus on the cuts you love, what makes you feel and look your best even if it isn't trendy. Your personal style is an extension of your personality so let it shine!

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Wear Your Best Colors Whenever You Can

Gorgeous, rich and flattering colors like violet, blue and pink can all make your skin, hair and eyes look amazing. Wear your best colors to really make your wardrobe pop. (Here are some tips if you're not sure what your best and most flattering colors might be).

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Dress for Your Body Type

Whether you're tall or curvy, petite, boyish or blessed with curves — dressing in a way that flatters your specific body will always make you feel more confident and beautiful. Taller women can get away with longer hemlines, while more petite women will want to avoid being swallowed up by what they wear. Hourglass figures should embrace figure-hugging dresses and so on.

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Find Your Signature Look

True style is really learning to take a look and make it all your own. Whether you add a personal accessory — like something vintage or ethnic — or you wear a look that's all your own (maybe you like to mix in '80s pieces with modern or you like to wear color-blocked looks everyday) finding your signature style is one of the most rewarding things about really loving fashion.

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Always Dress for the Occasion

Did you get a party invite that says "cocktail attire?" Or maybe you've been invited to a black-tie affair. Regardless of what you've been invited to, the occasion will call for a certain outfit and most of us get intimidated when it comes time to pick out the right look. If you're not sure, ask the host or hostess or consult a stylish friend.

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Buy Clothes That Fit

Is your long gown the right length? Has your jacket been tailored? Does your sleeve hem hit you just right? Having a garment that fits is one of the best ways to perfect your look. See a tailor if you suspect something is off.

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Dress Your Age

While the rules of fashion have changed in regards to age limits (most anyone can wear anything these days!), some basics have prevailed. Pigtails and overalls, for starters, are too young for anyone over 40.

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Pay Attention to the Details

From the kind of handbag you carry to whether or not you add a scarf or hat, your total look is the sum of all the details you add to it. Be creative, be thoughtful and have some fun!

10 Fashion Tips You Need to Know
Fashion Tips That Never Go Out of Style

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