While traveling from Tomales Bay to Petaluma on Petaluma Rd, I came across The McEvoy Ranch. A beautiful olive tree plantation with a vineyard of primarily Pinot Noir grapes. Their Evening Star wine is a distinguished expression of the Petaluma grape. This is a lovely property of 500 acres. This wine captures the essence of the Petaluma region, where the cool coastal influences shape the character of the grapes.

The nose is a symphony of red fruits, with notes of ripe cherry, cranberry, and a subtle touch of earthiness. The Evening Star Pinot Noir unfolds gracefully on the palate, revealing a harmonious balance between bright acidity and silky tannins.

This unique location exposes the vineyards to the cool Pacific breezes, allowing for a longer growing season and optimal grape ripening. The result is a Pinot Noir that reflects the region’s distinct terroir, showcasing the maritime influences that define Petaluma Pinot Noir.

The McEvoy Ranch is a testament to sustainable farming practices and a commitment to organic viticulture. With olive orchards, gardens, and vineyards coexisting on this picturesque property, there’s a true sense of harmony between nature and winemaking.

In conclusion, the McEvoy Ranch Evening Star Pinot Noir is a captivating expression of Petaluma Pinot Noir. I am no expert on this type of wine, but I found it well-balanced and easy to drink.