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Ferrari 12Cilindri

Cars with the Prancing Horse on their trunks have shared something since 1947, and it is the V12 engine.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri is introduced in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the presence of the Maranello brand in the United States of America

The Ferrari 12Cilindri is inspired by the Ferrari Gran Turismo of the 50s and 60s and fully embodies what every front-engine V12 two-seater Ferrari should offer. It also represents the latest evolution of this lineage, transmitting a unique heritage and elevating it to new levels of performance, comfort and design.

The new coupe integrates innovations among which we can highlight its integrated active aerodynamics that guarantee unmatched performance, its inverted opening hood that highlights the engine compartment and the double pair of exhaust outlets typical of the twelve-cylinder Ferrari.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri engine, belonging to the engine saga that saw the birth of the legend of the Maranello house, delivers 830 HP in this version. It benefits from an increase in its rev range up to 9,500 rpm. Its impressive power curve makes 80% of the engine’s torque available at 2,500 rpm, offering instant throttle response and a feeling of increasing acceleration and endless delivery.

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The interior of the Ferrari 12 Cilindri guarantees high levels of comfort even on long trips, for both driver and passenger. The feeling of space and luminosity is underlined by the glass roof, noble materials and details, and the central screen that unites the driver’s screen and a third installed in the passenger area.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri is aimed at so-called coinoisseurs or experts with a very clear vision of what Ferrari has stood for since 1947, making it truly a car for only a few.

Sound is essential to combine comfort, luxury and the driving emotions typical of a Ferrari V12. That is why all the elements of the intake and exhaust lines have been optimized. The exhaust ducts of the same length, the “6 in 1” manifold on each bank and the innovative design of the central extensions have allowed us to obtain a sound typical of V12 Ferraris.

The objective of Flavio Manzoni and the designers of the Centro Stile Ferrari that he directs, was to carry out with the Ferrari 12Cilindri a radical transformation of the stylistic codes of the previous V12 front-engine Ferraris.

The interior design of the Ferrari 12Cilindri is divided into three different levels: the first, dominated by the upper part of the dashboard, continues until it merges with the door panel lining. The next is the central area, while the third includes the foot-wells and seats. Each level is clearly defined, accentuating the double cabin effect through color and material combinations. They are used to create an elegant or sporty look for seats and other elements.

Ferrari’s signature luxury and performance are flanked in the Ferrari 12Cilindri by a focus on environmental sustainability. An example of this is the intensive use of sustainable materials, such as Alcantara©, which contains 65% recycled polyester.

For the first time in a Ferrari road car, a secondary alloy made from 100% recycled material has been used to manufacture the shock towers of the gearbox subframe. Its incorporation, together with the use of hollow castings, has allowed a saving of 146 kg of CO2 for each chassis produced.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri combines history and the future in a very special way. How could it be less than a Maranello car.