Electrifying Excellence: Unveiling the KIA EV9 Electric SUV

As an auto critic, delving into the world of electric cars has become an exhilarating journey. The KIA EV9 Electric SUV’s revolutionary approach to eco-friendly driving and family space has captured my attention.

The heart of this electric car lies in its cutting-edge powertrain. There are four versions of this four-door SUV. Two have an electric motor mounted on the rear axle, and the other two have a second motor in the front. Depending on the combination, you will have between 230 and 300 miles of range. But beyond the under-car technology, this Kia EV9 is smooth and quiet. It has beaten the Mercedes Benz in pretty much every department (for almost half the price). I drove the GT AWD twin motor version, and I have to admit that I could not find any negatives to talk about. The silent hum of the electric motor exemplifies the seamless transition to a greener future.

With instant torque to the wheels, the EV9 feels agile (even though I know it is not a lightweight car). The road handling characteristics are what impressed me the most. It felt solid at all times. You can adjust the power delivery to your liking thanks to four drive modes. If you want to feel more power, you will lose a bit of range. Be careful what you wish for. The “eco” setting, I think, is the best option for everyday driving in the city. The car has specific EV Hankook Ion Evo tires to reduce noise and rolling resistance.

Today, the EV9 technology integration and connectivity catapults this SUV into a higher league, delivering an exhilarating, eco-conscious driving experience.

Let me remind you that it is designed with families in mind, the KIA EV9 stands tall as the epitome of the best family electric car on the market today. The spacious interior, with three rows of seat areas, is usable by adults no matter where you sit. The version I drove with a two-tone white-grey upholstery created a wonderful interior ambiance. It does feel like you are in a premium vehicle.

Easy-to-use systems over a digital screen over thirty inches wide are not intrusive. Kia uses a virtual key (through your phone) to ensure the car locks itself as you walk away. Another interesting fact about the tech in the EV9 is that it can be used as a power generator. There is a system that allows for the electricity to flow in both directions. This improves the car charging efficiency and manages your whole house’s electricity flow (assuming you have a “connected house”).

I like the feature that the EV9 can park by itself. I also like the driver assist system that helps you avoid an accident. This is huge when talking about family commuting.

The base model can have 230 miles on a full charge. It is enough, believe me. The average commute in the USA is less than 50 miles a day. As you drive, it calculates your distance to the nearest charging station, eliminating any range anxiety that might linger in the minds of potential electric car enthusiasts. The car works with an 800-volt system. This allows for ultrafast charging.

The Kia EV9 starts at around $54,000. The versions that have two motors start at around $64,000. A fully equipped top-of-the-line GT AWD can easily get into the seventies. So if you really need all the accessories and the digital features offered as options before you sign the contract. The KIA EV9, with its competitive pricing, positions itself as an accessible gateway to the world of electric driving, featuring as much tech (or more) as the German companies offer for a lot more money.

Beyond the range, the power of the KIA EV9 is a force to be reckoned with. My car had 379 HP, providing an exhilarating acceleration that dispels any misconception that electric vehicles compromise performance.

I spent quite a lot of time inspecting the interior and exterior design and build. It is a very well-built vehicle. Soon, it will be made in the USA.

Why should families consider the KIA EV9? It’s not just an electric car; it’s a statement. Choosing the EV9 means embracing a sustainable future without compromising range, performance, safety, or family comfort.

I have driven most EVs on the market. The KIA EV9 Electric SUV emerges as the top electric car contender. If you are ready to electrify your family commute, go for a test drive.