Wurstkuche Best of Los Angeles sausages, located in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, is one of my favorite dinner spots for a few years now. Known as the “Sausage Kitchen,” this culinary gem attracts food enthusiasts with its unique flavors and lively atmosphere. I remember the first time I ate there; it was around midnight, and I was surprised to find a DJ spinning groovy music in the dining area. The long tables in typical German eatery fashion mean you must share the space with others.

While they have Bratwurst and Bockwurst, and some Polish versions like Kielbasa that are full of taste thanks to the onions and spices, I go to Wurstkuche because of their excellent variety of other sausages. The Buffalo sausage with luxardo cherries and mint is delightful, and the Rattlesnake and rabbit sausage is spicy from jalapeño peppers. There is also duck bacon and lamb with Mediterranean spices, which is my favorite. Make sure to try the pheasant and spice sausage as well, served with Belgian-style potato fries that taste great in this location.

Enhance the sausage taste with the right beer.

To elevate the dining experience, there is a good selection of craft beers. From Belgium, I suggest ordering DELIRIUM TREMENS (a strong pale ale with an 8.5% ABV, delivering a robust taste), DUCHESSE DE BOURGOGNE (a tangy Flanders red with a 6.2% ABV that is quite refreshing), or LA TRAPPE (Trappist quadrupel with a 10.5% ABV, very rich and pure Belgian).

There are also German beers available, such as KOSRITZER SCHWARZBIER (a dark, malty German brew with a 4.8% ABV), AVENTINUS (a very intense and complex Weizenbock with an 8.2% ABV), or my favorite light beer, BITBURGER (a classic pilsner with a 4.8% ABV, delivering a crisp and refreshing taste).

Wurstkuche is not just a restaurant, but a culinary journey where sausages become art, and craft beers elevate the dining experience. It’s a must-visit for those seeking gastronomic adventure in the heart of Los Angeles.

KOSRITZER SCHWARZBIER Best of Los Angeles sausages