Best Sushi Restaurant: We are fortunate that we have Little Tokyo right in the downtown area. If you want some good Sushi I assume you are familiar with Sushi Gen. If you are not, let me tell you about this place that is one of the best in the city.
I loved the sashimi platter during lunch time. Everything here is delicious and you won’t be disappointed. You will find Teriyaki, Tempura, Chirashi, and Tekkadon, but this eatery is best for its Sushi it is The Best Sushi Restaurant.
The only downside is that it closes at 8:30 PM and they take the day off on Sundays and Mondays.
You are not a true “angelino” until you eat a meal here. Go early as a line forms for lunch time. Suchi Gen 422 East 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA

As a food enthusiast, I have experienced my fair share of delicious meals, but nothing quite compares to the satisfaction I felt after indulging in the sashimi platter at a local Japanese restaurant during lunchtime. The combination of fresh, thinly sliced raw fish served with wasabi and soy sauce was a culinary delight that left me eager for more. The sashimi platter was a work of art, with an assortment of various fish including salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and snapper beautifully arranged on a bed of ice. Each piece of sashimi melted in my mouth, offering a burst of flavors that were both delicate and delicious. The freshness of the fish was evident in every bite, and I found myself savoring each piece slowly to truly appreciate the quality of the ingredients. What set this sashimi platter apart from others I have tried was the attention to detail in its presentation. The vibrant colors of the fish against the white porcelain plate, the meticulous garnishes of radish and seaweed, and the precision with which each piece was sliced showcased the skill and craftsmanship of the chef. It was clear that every aspect of this dish had been carefully thought out to ensure a memorable dining experience. In addition to the sashimi, the restaurant also offered a variety of other traditional Japanese dishes such as Teriyaki, Tempura, Chirashi, and Tekkadon. While each dish was expertly prepared and delicious in its own right, it was the Sushi that truly stole the show. The hand-rolled morsels of rice and fish were expertly crafted, with each piece showcasing the chef’s dedication to quality and flavor. Overall, my experience with the sashimi platter at this Japanese restaurant was nothing short of exceptional. From the freshness of the fish to the meticulous presentation, every aspect of the dish was a testament to the culinary artistry of the chef. If you find yourself in search of a truly unforgettable dining experience, I highly recommend indulging in the sashimi platter at this establishment. Your taste buds will thank you.