The recent screening of Rahhat Kazmi’s film Country of Blind at the Cinelounge in Los Angeles had Academy members applauding and saying the movie deserves to be a real contender this awards season. Writer-Director Kazmi and Producer Tariq Khan talked with the audience in a Q&A session after the film’s showing, captivating the crowd with behind-the-scenes stories and insights into the filmmaking process. Combining allegory, love story, and adventure, Kazmi says Country of Blind has been a project he’s wanted to do for years and the positive reaction from the American entertainment industry to a film from India is a real honor.

Director Rahhat Kazmi and Producer Tariq Khan talk with guests at a FYC screening of Country of Blind at Cinelounge on December 15, 2023, in Hollywood, California.
(Photo by Harmony Gerber for RKF Studios)

“I’m extremely proud of this film and all of the praise and recognition it has received. ,” said Kazmi. He also responded to the recent news that his screenplay for Country of Blind has been added to the permanent Academy Core Collection library, “I am humbled by the fact that my work will be alongside some of the most admired scripts ever written and I thank the Academy for this privilege.”

Kazmi was joined at the screening by his childhood friend, and one of the producers, Tariq Khan, who shared the joy of the evening with those viewing the film. Many members complimented the outstanding work of the cast including Hina Khan, Shoib Nikash Shah, and Ahmer Haider. The audience also noted the powerful narrative, breathtaking cinematography, and evocative soundtrack (including the song “Dhoondta hai tu” by Krishna Beura), which should put the movie into the best picture of the year category. All of the support from Hollywood insiders and social media influencers has actress Hina Khan keeping her “fingers crossed” for this small but mighty movie to get its well-deserved accolades. Rahhat Kazmi’s screening for the elite of Hollywood is sure to keep the momentum going and increase the chances of Country of Blind going for the gold.

Rahhat Kazmi’s film Country of Blind was released in the U.S. last October and received positive reactions from audiences nationwide. The movie was produced by Rahhat Kazmi, Tariq Khan, Zeba Sajid, and Namita Lal, with co-production support from Jayant Jaiswal, Jitendra Rai, and Ahmer Haider. Country of Blind will soon be available on a major American streaming service.