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A white wine to try
Ricardo Wine Finds
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

Ricardo Wine Finds

Spekcle Rock Falanghina

There have been a lot of new vineyards in the San Pasqual Valley, and there is one that got my attention. The Witch Creek fire of 2007 ran through the Perrin Oak Ranch, and it took almost all of their avocado trees. Starting all over again, Duane Perrin, and his son Greg, decided to plant grapes this time. By 2018 the Speckle Rock vineyards were on their way with various vines, including Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Grenache, and a Blanc (white) grape called Falanghina. This last one is considered one of the ancient grapes and produces fine light wine.
The Speckle Rock 100% Falanghina wine received the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle Double Gold Award and another Gold at the 2022 Toast of the Coast Competition. That alone makes it worth a try. 
I was surprised at this wine. Originally from southern Italy, it has a flowery and citrus-like aroma when you sniff. Then the light density brings a taste of green apples and lemon. I bought a bottle on the spot.
You cannot compare this wine to Chardonnay or Pino Gris. It has its own character. I think it will pair well with scallops or clams. Since only 205 cases were produced last year, you better get yours quickly.

A white wine to try
Ricardo Wine Finds

By: Ricardo

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