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Stealth Electric BMX
Best all around !
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

Electric bicycles are quickly becoming part of the Los Angeles commuting. The options go from the known bike with a small electric motor to assist pedaling to complete scooters disguised as high-tech futuristic speeding machines.

Motorcycles makers are also getting into this market. Harley-Davidson created its model. But most of these powered two-wheel vehicles are no longer what a bicycle should be. I had the opportunity to test one that impressed me, which is not easy for a skeptic like me. From Germany came a proper bicycle with a chrome frame, raised handlebar, and comfy seat. EINS (?) built a  BMX style with a good finish and the proper proportions. There is no pretense of being something else. The electric motor is surprisingly tiny and fitted between the pedals. The saddle is a bit longer and hides the battery within it without taking away from the design. The 24" spoke wheels are also proportionate and strong to handle the 70 ft-lb of torque (that is the power of a 250cc motorcycle!). In typical BMX fashion, the frame is Chromoly Steel. Braking is through disc brakes on both wheels.

The best about this EINS-powered bicycle is its weight. Or lack of it! This is the lightest ebike I have ever tried, and the way the power assists your pedaling is super smooth. The 250 Watt motor minimizes your effort at the pedals. You start riding the EINS, and you are in control like on a BMX bike. It feels nimble and agile.

I met with founders Fabien Winopal and Sinan Bilen. Both enthusiastic and proud of making a high-quality product. I could tell that they wanted a bike done right, and they showed me a lot of the small details that your average person would not notice. The EINS bike also comes with a GPS tracking and tampering detection system.   The EINS can go at least 30 miles on a full charge, so you have plenty of beach or park riding before recharging.

The other thing that impresses me is its price. At just $1,999  this bike is a lot lower than most bikes out there that don't even come close to the quality of EINS. Take advantage and get one at Indiegogo.

Stealth Electric BMX
Best all around !

By: Ricardo

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