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Best LA Lunch series
The Stamp Proper Foods
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

Los Angeles offers many options for a quick and tasty lunch. But if you want to eat a good meal, the list becomes relatively short. And the current situation with the virus has affected much business in our city as well. So good and healthy places are not as common as you wish.

Luckily, I just found another bistro that impressed me with the food quality, taste, and service. At the corner of Los Feliz and Hillhurst, the Proper Foods Stamp is one of the best in town today. Valérie H., who traded France for LA, has created more than just a restaurant. One look at the menu and realize that this is a gastronomic feast. " My Mediterranean origins have lulled me into this culture of sharing unique moments around an excellent and hearty meal, surrounded by people who are dear to us. I try to infuse this spirit into the Stamp, a bit like the one found in Parisian bistros", she told us.

I had a hard time choosing my meal since everything was not what I expected. Gluten-free pasta, bison specialties, gourmet tacos, sweet potato or apple - Jam sandwiches all got my attention.

But what is on the menu also needs to be fulfilling and tasty. I have to say that Valerie's team delivered a lot more than was expected. I believe that people make a difference, and at the Stamp, you can feel that. " I want to honor my entire team, without whom all this would not be possible. The kitchen team does a remarkable job preparing precise recipes and making the dishes. They all put their attention and professionalism to meet my requirements ( I am very demanding on the precision of tastes and the visual and quality of the dishes served). They are the musicians without whom the conductor could not convey love and emotion", Valerie added.

Eddy, our server was full of charm and made us feel like we were part of the "regulars" at the bistro. You can feel the positive vibe in all the people handling the customers (James, Tess, Grayson, Isaac, Gerald), which makes the Stamp a success.

It is definitely worth the drive as the experience will want you to return. The food is a ten, an LA 10 ! 

Ricardo.    8 AM-8 PM / Los Feliz & Hillhurst

* it is best to Google 2138 HILLHURST Avenue, Los Angeles 90027

Best LA Lunch series
The Stamp Proper Foods

By: Ricardo

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