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The car is the star here !
Great LA AUTSHOW is back
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

The magnificent LA Autoshow is back. And with a teaser of things to come. The long lines at the doors proved that the car is the star in the city of angels. I had a chance to see it first hand and was surprised at what a great event they have put together. LA Autoshow is the first national auto show in almost two years, and the expectations were high. Terri Toennies and her team did it, and we thank her for the effort.

Visitors must present proof of COVID-19 vaccination at the door or results of a negative test for the virus. The show has testing stations set up nearby the convention center. All attendees must wear face coverings while at the show (per local regulations), and that is something we are all getting used to in our daily life. Don't let this get on your way, as you will be happy with what you see at this event.

Here You will find all the latest new cars, but more importantly, you will be able to see what is coming in Electric Cars. We know smog very well here and how bad it is for us to breathe. But we are in a race to clean the planet, and car companies are doing what they can. Make sure to see the Electric cars from Hyundai, Porsche,   Kia, and the Ford F150 . Also, take a look at the Fisker, Canoo, Mullen, and Tesla cars. And make sure not to leave the South-Hall until you see and feel the new entry into the auto market from Vietnam. The VinFast company is introducing two electric cars that are designed by Pininfarina and have a quality to match the best car makers of today. Close by Genesis has a green concept that is one of the coolest cars I have ever seen. Close to the entrance, you will find a full-size Barbie convertible too.

There are plenty of test drive programs inside and outside the building. You should try the Solo around the block. The fact is that we drive alone most of the time and this car can become the future of communing in our downtown.  As always, there are plenty of things to keep the whole family entertained, so plan for a long day surrounded by the latest tech on wheels.

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The car is the star here !
Great LA AUTSHOW is back

By: Ricardo

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