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A family size Hybrid
Lexus 450RX-h
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

Lexus has become synonymous with quality, reliability and luxury. In terms of cost of ownership it has proven that a luxury car no longer require expensive maintenance.  In recent years it has also taken an aggressive design style and focused on the SUV line up.

I had the chance to drive the hybrid version of the midsize 450RX-H. A car that you don't realize how big it is until you are next to it.  The front grille is large, but it goes well with the slanted hood line. The paint quality and colors are noticeable of high quality. The roof line gives it movement, and it definitely gives you the impression of a powerful machine. All good things that makes you wonder about the inside.

The RX , like most Lexus, has a lot of interior details that they may not jump at you in terms of Wow, but you will notice them as you spend time with the car. I like the two tone combinations  and I suggest you stay with the five seat version.  The seven seat model  is a bit tight in the rear and I doubt you will give the extra seats much use.  From the driver seat you have good visibility and the RX comes well equipped with the latest in car technology.  The base model has an 8-inch touch screen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, a Wi-Fi hot spot, six USB ports, Bluetooth, satellite radio, HD Radio, and a nine-speaker stereo. The upscale version has a bigger screen (12.3 inch), remote touch, two more USB ports and 15 audio speakers.

A few years ago the remote touch interface , in which you use your finger like a computer mouse on a pad in the center console, seemed like a good idea. But it ended up frustrating yours truly and many customers alike. A new system will be introduced with the all new RX replacement.  And this is about the only questionable thing on the RX.

On the road the RX 450 is smooth and quiet. I averaged 30 mpg in urban Los Angeles.  Taking in consideration the size of the vehicle it is pretty good. Having a CVT transmission (which is a single gear) delivers an effortless drive. The suspension favors' comfort and the AWD system gives you confidence over all types of surfaces.

The latest 450 RX has interesting options that include a panoramic roof, proximity keyless entry, Mark Levinson audio system, Google assistant, and voice control for all actions of the phone, navigation  and apps.

The safety and driver assist features are also many. And with pedestrian and bicyclist detection plus pre-collision braking this vehicle is one of the safest around.  It is hard not to recommend a Lexus. Other than the styling, this SUV remains as one of the top choices in the category.


A family size Hybrid
Lexus 450RX-h

By: Ricardo

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