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Did you know there is an all new Toyota ?
Family car that delivers what we want
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

The Toyota Venza is a car made for the American market. It was originally designed at the Calty Design Studio in Newport Beach and introduced  at the auto show in 2008.  The new version is totally new and perhaps few people knows about the change. It was going to be presented to the world at the New York auto show last year, but with all events canceled due to the pandemic the Venza did not get it's minute of glory.

I really like the new look. And the fact that there is a hybrid even better. The 2021 Venza offers ample room for five in a highly maneuverable package. Is quite roomy inside. The ride is good. Sort of in the middle. Not a Sportscar,  but typical of all Toyota's it offers a comfortable ride in all sort of situations.

Tech is the "word" today and the Venza has plenty  Most of it through  the  12.3-inch touchscreen display . The audio system on the deluxe version has nine JBL speakers and above quality levels of luxury cars a decade ago.. It also has a  7-inch multi-information display (MID), digital rear-view mirror, and 10-inch color Head-Up Display. The whole roof is open now with a Star GazeTM fixed panoramic glass roof. All in all a complete package with a unique look and the Toyota reliability.

Something important for the family is the inclusion of the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. I consider this one of the best in today's cars assisted driving systems. The "pre-collision"  with pedestrian and bicyclist detection is a huge plus.

I drove the Hybrid version and I prefer it because  if you drive it correctly (meaning not at 80 mph on the freeway) it can deliver almost 40 mpg. Power comes the combination of a 2.5 liter four cylinder  gasoline engine and  an electric motor .  This  hybrid system optimizes the level of electric motor assistance and gas engine RPM without the engine running at high revs. Engine speed is synchronized with vehicle speed, yielding effortless and quiet acceleration. Venza’s hybrid system adopts a newly-developed lithium-ion battery to enhance performance and size and weight. Additionally, EV mode allows electric-only driving at low speeds for short distances, like in parking lots or stop and go traffic.

Venza’s Predictive Efficient Drive (PED) uses the navigation system operation to analyze driving habits and memorize road and traffic conditions to help optimize hybrid battery charging. When the driver selects PED, the system learns repeating routes and is designed to predict when and where the vehicle is likely to slow down or stop. Then, through optimum accelerator pedal release timing guidance, it can help reduce energy consumption.

PED can help optimize battery charging and discharge ahead of hills or traffic congestion. When approaching a downhill section, for example, the system is designed to apply additional engine braking force to more efficiently charge the hybrid battery after the accelerator pedal is released.

Something else that I like is that the Venza is an AWD (all wheel drive). Toyota's Electronic On-Demand AWD employs a separate rear-mounted electric motor to power the rear wheels when needed. This is a complex setting, but I have to admit I did not feel or sense anything. All work smoothly and effortless to provide good grip on the ground.  I tested the Venza in the snow, I did manage to get to Big Bear driving while snowing without issues.

There are a lot of "family" cars today. I strongly suggest to take a test drive and compare it to the rest. We all look for something different. The Venza is different !. 

Did you know there is an all new Toyota ?
Family car that delivers what we want

By: Ricardo
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