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A "Maverick" for sure
The Ford Hybrid truck for everyone
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

With more than 50 % of the car market being trucks, is no wonder that car makers are trying to satisfy the demand for them. And looks like we are starting a new category where smaller trucks will bring practicality, versatility, and a bed to carry things in open air.

Ford is coming up with their contender in the space reviving an older name that bears no resemblance to a truck. Maverick is now the latest Ford Truck.  It is  slightly smaller in size than the ranger, with 4 doors and a 4.5 foot bed. I was honored that they let me see it and get the details. It does have the Ford "tough" look. And the interior is quite comfortable at the front for its size. But the best selling point may be the $20,000 price tag.

This "truck" is built on a unibody design, which is what we find in many crossover vehicles today.  It means that there is no separate chassis to attach the suspension and cabin. It is all built to fit this unibody, or single piece that is the cabin.  Unless you are into heavy towing, which then you would go for a much bigger and powerful truck, it won't make much difference to you when driving it. In fact there is a tow option that allows the Maverick to pull 4,000 lbs. (think of pair of trail motorcycles or seadoo's,or  even a small boat).

Power will come from the 2.0 liter EcoBoost  4 cyl motor that we find in the Ford Edge. I like the Hybrid  version with a 2.5 motor, running the Atkison-Cycle, matched to an electric motor that could get to 40 mpg. I will have to try it to make my verdict, but on paper it sure looks good.

The future for Ford seems to be trucks and electric. With the Ford Maverick, now you have all the sizes you need .  The fact that there is a Mercury Hybrid and a Ford F-150 Hybrid and full electric tell me that there is no going back to the V8 days. 

A "Maverick" for sure
The Ford Hybrid truck for everyone

By: Ricardo
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