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A drink with history !
Bellita Superior arrives to the USA
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

Superior beer was born before the Mexican Revolution . Cerveceria Moctezuma opened its doors in 1896 and thanks to the water that flows from the peaks of Orizaba it has its own flavor. The Orizaba region is known for abundant water from the melts of Pico de Orizaba or Citlatépetl, the third highest peak in North America standing at18,491feet.  The water is known by being soft and with a low mineral content.

The Cervecería Moctezuma was founded near Orizaba during the late Porfiriato by German brewer Wilhelm Hasse and with this German roots the beer has it's own taste that makes it different from other Mexican brands.

“Cerveza Superior represents a 125-year history of world-class excellence in beer making.  Our U.S. debut will delight longtime Superior fans and beer aficionados will now be able to enjoy the authentic taste of tradition.  Superior’s heritage will inspire people to appreciate the lager from legendary Orizaba,” said, Miguel Angel Sánchez, Area Export Manager,

Cerveceria Moctezuma was one of the first breweries to start using glass bottles back in 1909. It created Vidrios Monterey as  its own glass supplier. Then it also started a separate company , Fabricas de carton de Monterey, to create cardbox packaging for the beer. This later became Titan, one of the largest packaging companies in north America.

Superior beer enters the US market and its story is worth looking into it. Hopefully sipping one at home to get the true experience. 

A drink with history !
Bellita Superior arrives to the USA

By: Ricardo
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