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One of Ventura's landmark
The love tree
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

There are several versions about how this tree was  planted in San Buenaventura, and a romantic story from a sailor bringing the seeds to his lady  is the most popular one. His love has made this tree something to remember. Today it has become a landmark of Ventura and a must stop when you are in the area.

This Moreton Bay Fig tree stands at almost 100 ft tall with a trunk that is around 12 feet in diameter and a canopy that provides over 20,000 square feet of shade. It is a giant , no doubt. Planted in 1874 , almost 150 years ago, the tree looks healthy and produces a lot of fruit. These figs are round, purple in color, and continue to ripe throughout the year.

Known as the Ficus Macrophylla, this is a native species of Australia. These fig trees are large with some reaching 200 feet in height. Their roots are large too and can extend to 60 to 80 feet from the trunk of the tree.  It is something worth seeing and  taking the time to appreciate. It is  just a few blocks away from the city center and because of its size you can't miss it. 

One of Ventura's landmark
The love tree

By: Ricardo

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