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The pinnacle of Muscle Car power
A book for V8 gearheads
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

We know about the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger. The cars that started it all in the mid sixties. But in a few years the American gear head had many choices to satisfy the need for power. 
The cars were fast, hard to handle, and sometimes outrageous. The early seventies muscle cars remain a historic period in the American car culture. Richard Truesdell and Mark Fletcher have put together one of the best books ever that showcases the machines of that era.  There are many details about the cars that were known to just the most fanatics of the time.  Cars that today bring hundreds thousands dollars because they were not just rare and limited, but epitomize an era that will never come back.
I truly enjoy the short descriptions, because it allowed to feature more vehicles.
Six-Pac, Ram-Air, Cobra-Jet, Ram-Air terms that have become folklore in the car world started then. I love to read and learn about the Buick GSX, Ford Talladega, Mercury Cyclone, Dodge Daytona, Oldsmobile 442 w30, Cougar Eliminator, AMC Revel, and javelin Mark Donahue.
The hard cover book is almost 200 pages and narrates  the story of how these stunning  machines came about and how they just past into history as the most powerful built. 
A great gift, or for the muscle car enthusiast library, I highly recommend this book.

The pinnacle of Muscle Car power
A book for V8 gearheads

By: Ricardo
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