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The Eye of God
By: Ricardo   |  Email:

Eye of God Trail - by Ricardo Rodriguez-Long

According to the Serrano Indians legend, their God Kruktat is still watching over our shoulders from the white mountain. There is a geological phenomena on this place which finds huge amounts of white quartz veins across its top. Before ranchers and miners arrived in CA, the quartz formed a dome high above the vegetation and it's shine was seen from miles away. This brilliance   was a reminder to everyone from the Yuhaviatam Clan to get along and live in peace.

White quartz is one of the hardest materials in the world with a 7 grade rating. It also has piezoelectric properties that it allows for electricity to accumulate on its surface. White quartz is also known for those that like stone crystals for it's healing properties.  The Serrano Indians knew this was a special place for their god to rest.  Unfortunately the miners in the 1800's  went ahead and dynamited the place in search for gold. But today you can still see many natural quartz formations on this mountain.  The Eye of God  is part of a protected area  and accessed only by walking trails. You may encounter deer or wild burros on these roads. Once at the top the views are gorgeous on every direction. You are above 6000 feet and you can see the Lucerne Desert valley as well as the Big Bear lake.  The dirt road is not difficult, except in winter when you will need a 4x4 to cross the snow.  So the place can be accessed  almost year round.

This sacred place is special, you can feel it. And the juniper forest nearby offers some good shade in the summer months. To get there, start from Big Bear  and take Hwy 38/18 towards Victorville / North. Just a few miles down the road you will find Balwin Lake road and you will make a right turn.  About a 2 miles later pay attention to small dirt road , Vale Dr , on your left. Take that and shortly you will come across US Forest road 2N02. Be careful that this is a dirt road wide enough for one car. When you get to the large empty space on your left (looks like a parking lot) you have arrived. From there you will walk about  a mile. It is uphill and very rocky, so be prepared. Remember is still a sacred place, be respectful and enjoy a day outdoors.

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The Eye of God

By: Ricardo
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