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Did you know it was a local builder?
KARMA Revero
By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long   |  Email:

A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend an investor's preview to a new car  designed by an ex-Aston Martin designer. Henrik Fisker is very talented with the drawing pen and the car I saw is one of those timeless pieces of art  that  make you stop to take a second look and appreciate the proportions of this automobile.

About five years ago this concept was taken over by a car manufacturer and I am please that today KARMA is becoming  a leader in the technologies of the future. The car, now called the Revero, is a luxury sedan that employs an E-REV power plant. That is an "extended-range" electric vehicle. The KARMA has a built in generator that creates the electricity needed to propel the car. Similar to the BMW i-8 , this auxiliary power plant allows for the car to keep going for 360 miles. At that point you will need a bit of gasoline to feed the generator. It is important to understand that only the electric motors are  the one's moving the car at all times. So technically the KARMA is a full EV vehicle.

This is a more refined car than a Tesla and the quality is on par with the German automakers. If i were to compare this car in size and market segment , the Porsche Panamera is the one that comes to mind.  The power train package makes more than 500 HP and this is delivered to a couple of electric motors in the back, one on each side, that get's the wheels turning.  KARMA Automotive today is much more than just a car builder. It has it's own manufacturing plant in Moreno Valley and a design studio too.  From this "local" builder we saw their new concept at the LAAutoshow named SC1.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a 3-d full size model tells you how serious this company is about their future. They build their own converters, chassis, connectivity hubs and their engineering dept. collaborates with other manufacturer's around the world.  I like this business model because their developments are helping other sectors of EV mobility like school buses and commercial vehicles.

The KARMA Revero GT is available in three versions and it starts at around $75,000. That is a competitive pricing for the segment. And it offers the uniqueness most of Angelinos are looking for. A full size luxury EV, built in SoCal, with emphasis in quality for less than a  luxury Ford F-150 is something to really think about.  Before you sign that lease on the BMW, stop by the KARMA factory, it is only an hour away and you may surprise yourself. 

Did you know it was a local builder?
KARMA Revero

By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long
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