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Mullholand Car of the year
LA Best Drive
By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long   |  Email:

Mullholland Dr. Car of the year

In 1924 a new road was built and it would become an icon of  Los Angeles . This twisting mountain road will take you from Cahuenga Blvd all the way to the beach in Malibu. With views of the city and San Fernando valley it offers a unique perspective. With Hollywood and Burbank on each side it became a great place to build the homes of the movie stars . It was a place where I took a date or two to enjoy the sunsets and sunrises.

For the car enthusiast, Mullholland Dr was the place to test bravery and speed. A car that "works" on Mullholland has to be fast and capable of handling the curves.  I found the car that fits the glove. And that car is an SUV. Not just a four door with 5 seats. One with Carbon Fiber racing brakes, Ferrari like HorsePower, racing napa bucket seats, and Formula 1 paddle shifting.

The  Alfa Romero Stelvio is "THE" Mullholland car of the year in my book. The way it handles, accelerates, and corners is like a true sportscar. The sound of the turbo motor is intoxicating too. The designers created an interior that exudes in passion with Red Leather and Carbon Fiber trims. I forgive them for the infotainment system (there are some better out there), but Mullholland requires you pay attention to the road. You are busy shifting, pointing the hood to the apex of the corner, and listening to the music coming from the exhaust pipe. There is no better entertainment than that on top of the hill.

And yes it can also serve as the family car. Plenty of space , good cargo space, navigation system, good sounding audio system, with style and gorgeous looks. A loaded version is in the mid $40's. Leasing is competitive too. 

If you want your own Mullholland Alfa Romeo Stelvio, there are several packages that offers different levels of luxury. The power from the 2.0 Turbo motor is plenty and the agility is notable at speed or busy mall parking lots.  I found it very comfortable for all around town errands. I even enjoy coming up and down Laurel Canyon Blvd.  But if you want to be the "king" of Mullholland Dr then  
i suggest you pay the premium and get the Quadrifoglio version. Yes it can get into the $70K, but the difference on a lease is minimal. And I think is worth every penny.  The Quadrifoglio comes with a twin turbo V6 tath puts down 505 HP. And the suspension package, wide wheels, and huge brakes make the Stelvio move like no other "family" car in LA. I in  doubt go drive an Audi Q3, Porsche Macan or Mercedes GLC. I did and none measured up to the Mullholland Challenge. 

Mullholland Car of the year
LA Best Drive

By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long
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