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Calamigos Ranch
The Malibu Cafe
By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long   |  Email:

Calamigos Ranch

When they established the ranch in 1937 in the Santa Monica Mountains , the Gerson family never envisioned that their 5,500 acre ranch would become  such a special property in an area named Malibu.

The first roads and trails in the area of steep canyons where built in the late twenties. Slowly the big ranches were parceled out and families started to moved into the area. The old oaks in the numerous valleys attracted artist and movie stars during the fifties that moved into the smaller lots. Calamigos Ranch became one of the last standing old ranches.  But as Malibu grew, the family saw opportunity to develop the property to fit the needs of the people and the film industry.

Today Calamigos Ranch is a well know place for weddings, get away time, and film location. The property continuously keeps improving the facilities and today it has a vineyard, a 4x4 trail, and a luxury hotel. From wedding to company conferences and outdoor events the ranch is an alternative to the busy city locations. Additionally the Malibu Cafe is a great place to relax near the lake and horses. A great outing for romance or family fun. Check it out. 

Calamigos Ranch
The Malibu Cafe

By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long
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