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Pomona Swap Meet
Discover CA
By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long   |  Email: garagelatino@gmail.com

Los Angeles is the center of the car world.  And Angelinos have a special relationship with the automobile. Almost every household has a "special" car. One that remind owners of their youth, or one that they wanted when they were teenagers, or even a "classic". From $2500 to millions of dollars , these cars almost become an extension of their owners.

For many is not as simple of purchasing the car. They prefer to "build" it themselves. To customize with a special color or a bigger motor. The enjoyment comes from putting "sweat" hours by the individual builders or a group of friends.  Each car having its own story to share with the rest of the car enthusiast in the city of angels.

One of the best places to find these project cars is the Pomona Swap meet. The largest gathering of parts and complete cars in the west. Every two months the Pomona Fairgrounds gets full with thousands of car fans that attend to buy, trade, or just watch the hundred's of cars available in all stages of completion. From running cars to bare chassis there is always something that will spark that car love between man and machine. If you have never been to this event, and you have any interest on the car culture the Pomona Swap meet is a must stop. It is something you have to experience at least once to complete your Angelino curriculum.

Pomona Swap Meet
Discover CA

By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long
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