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LA River
Out of sight out of mind.
By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long   |  Email: garagelatino@gmail.com

Out of sight out of mind.
But the Los Angeles River is coming back for all Angelinos to enjoy.  Today you can fish, paddle a kayak, and ride your bicycle for miles along this important river. There are a few recreational areas with access to the riverbed.

The river runs from the Santa Susana mountains (near Simi valley) to meet the ocean in Long Beach. Fifty miles long and with an interesting history as the city grew to a mega city. During the 30's and 40's became almost a dump fill. And eventually was channeled to keep it from view of the citizens.

As our city started thinking about the environment various organizations starter to clean it up a section at a time. Today the birds and the fish are back. The water quality has also improved to support wildlife new green areas.  If you have not visited the recreational areas along its path you will be surprised. A trip that is worth it for the whole family.

There are still many miles to clean so you may want to also volunteer with one of the non-profit groups. To find out about this and the access and parking areas visit folar.org

LA River
Out of sight out of mind.

By: Ricardo Rodriguez-Long
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