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Sand Dune Park Manhattan Beach
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Sand Dune Park is a great place to get a workout and enjoy and enjoy a beautiful ocean view. This once super busy park is a victim of its success. Regulations now require a reservation to use the dune and keep the crowd down to no that fifty climbers.

Located in Manhattan Beach, the dune was once used as a dumpsite and is the last remaining coastal dunes in an area that used to be covered with them. Celebrities, sports figures, and common flocked to the dune for the ultimate workout.

So many people were using the dune neighbors complained about parking, noise, traffic. The dune was fenced off and closed for nearly a year before new regulations were put in place to address the concerns of the locals.

These days, the dune is a lot more civil, but not quite as much fun like the good old days. Adjacent to the dune is a series of steps that go up the bluff. No reservations required for the steps. But they are posted “No Jogging.” Tickets are given for jogging, so watch your step.

Manhattan Beach Dune is about 100 feet high. You have to be in good shape just to walk up the dune. Jogging up the dune is not for lightweights. The dune is a formidable work out if this is your first trip to the dune, you will have to stop and rest every few feet just to make it to the top.

Sand Dune Park Before you go

You will need to register online and create an account.
Only one reservation per day and person is allowed.
Reservation hours are only available during daylight hours.
Dune attendant needs a reservation receipt, picture ID, and $1.00 bill.
You have one hour to play in the sand with a dune reservation.
Persons 55 and over can use the dune on a walk-up basis, no reservation, if not all the slots are filled. They still must pay the $1.00 fee.

Sand Dune Park is in the middle of a residential area. Parking is minimal. Many users wear socks while on the dune, especially on sunny days. Be sure to bring along some water. You are going to need it.

Sand Dune Park is located at 33rd & Bell Avenue Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. There are 30 parking spaces along Bell Avenue. There is also a small children’s playground at the bottom of the dune on Bell Avenue. The playground is where the dune attendant can be found.

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Sand Dune Park Manhattan Beach

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