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Watch: Guitar Shop Security Camera Captures Ghostly Activity?
By: Tim Binnall   |  Email:

By Tim Binnall

A spooky piece of security camera footage from a music shop in England appears to show a number of guitars seemingly being moved by an unseen force that the owners suspect could be a ghost. The store in question, known as 'Guitars, Amps, and Keyboards,' is reportedly located in the city of Brighton. The proprietors of the establishment suspected something was amiss last month when the security system filmed a weird wispy form that looked to almost be browsing the store.

Their already-piqued curiosity went to 11, so to speak, when cameras at the store captured some odd activity that occurred when the shop was closed. In the video, which can be seen above, a pair of guitars hung along a wall inexplicably begin moving as if someone or something is touching them. Later in the footage, a price tag can be seen falling from another guitar in a fashion which suggests that it was yanked off the instrument.

The mystified owners of the shop noted that some have suggested that perhaps the guitars were simply hung incorrectly and had been adjusting, but expressed skepticism about that explanation since the store doesn't have any source of ventilation which could account for the force displayed in the video. Skeptics, of course, will point to another prosaic possibility: that the 'paranormal activity' was merely a publicity stunt by the store in the hopes of drawing in gawkers looking for ghosts and converting them into guitar buying customers. What's your take on the strange footage?

Watch: Guitar Shop Security Camera Captures Ghostly Activity?

By: Tim Binnall
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