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writer-photo Kelly Bone
Email: kellyb@yahoo.com

Personal Information
Pen Name: Kelly Bone
Name: Kelly
Last Name: Bone

Contact Information
E-Mail: kellyb@yahoo.com

Country: USA
City: Los Angeles

About Me
A vegetarian who doesn't think she should have to settle. After considerable stints in the Bay Area and Brooklyn, Kelly landed back in her hometown of Los Angeles. She writes the blog The Vegetarian Foodie and contributes to other local food publications. In 2011 began writing Los Angeles Slice coverage for the columns Top This and Daily Slice. She is seriously obsessed with all things pizza and is constantly seeking the next great slice. Favorite foods: Margarita pizza, summer rolls with peanut sauce, vegan tom kai, kitsune udon, bean and cheese burritos, and I'll put cholula on almost anything! Last bite on earth: ALL THE CHEESE in the world... paired with raisin walnut bread, smoked almonds, quince, raw honey, rosemary oil, and basil cherry jam.