Giant Mysterious Mass Found Beneath Surface of the Moon
Address: Hollywood Bowl
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Por: Tim Binnall
Astronomers have discovered a puzzling and rather sizeable mass of metallic material beneath the surface of the moon. The intriguing find, announced t...

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The Best Movies of 2019, So Far
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Though 2019 has not been the greatest year for the movie industry—with tentpole sequels flaming out at the box office and critically prais...

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Alcohol may be less harmful for people over 50
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Por: Tim Newman
A recent study examines the health impact of consuming alcohol at different ages. The authors conclude that, for people over the age of 50, the health...

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The 7 Biggest Street Style Trends of Spring 2019
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It’s such a cliché to talk about the weather, but when you’re covering a month of ...

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In South Los Angeles, a High-Tech Hospital Delivers Healthcare to an Underserved Community
Address: 1680 E 120th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90059
Tel: 424-338-8000
Executive leaders at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital discuss the organization's journey to achieve HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 and meeting ...

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Egypt Opens 'Bent Pyramid' to Tourists
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Por: Tim Binnall
For the first time in over 50 years, authorities in Egypt are reportedly allowing tourists to visit an odd ancient structure known a...

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João Gilberto, Master Of Bossa Nova, Dies At 88
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Por: Felix Contreras
João Gilberto, one of the principal architects of the Brazilian musical style bossa nova, has died at his home in Rio de Janeiro, according to a Face...

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NASA Photographs 'Starfleet Logo' on Surface of Mars
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Por: Tim Binnall
Proving that anomaly hunters aren't alone in spotting strange things out in space, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter snapped an image of the ...

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Por: Criss
HistoryOriginally a part of the Spanish land grant, Rancho Los Feliz, the park was named for its former owner, Colonel Griffith J. Griffith. Born in G...

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200,000 UFO Fans Plan to Storm Area 51?
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Por: Tim Binnall

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