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Los Angeles gets rid of parking pay stations after complaints
By: Leo Stallworth ABC7   |  Email: N/A

LOS ANGELES (KABC) --  The city of Los Angeles has been getting a lot of complaints about parking, so officials decided to make a change and get rid of pay stations. They're hoping it will simplify parking and cut down on accidental tickets. 

People we talked to say they are happy city officials are dumping the confusing and oftentimes consuming pay stations in which you have to carefully punch in a parking space number before putting money in the machine.

"It was just more complicated than having a single meter. The biggest problem was that sometimes people would forget their number, they would have to walk back to their car," said Daniel Mitchell with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

The city is replacing pay stations with new curbside parking meters. The meters look sleeker and can be operated with coins or with a credit card. Officials say 95 percent of Los Angeles is now equipped with the new meters. 

On the trendy Larchmont Boulevard, officials recently took out pay stations and put in more than 100 parking meters. 

"What we have been installing is the latest in technology for metered parking and we have brought the convenience of card payments with larger screens, easy to use buttons right to each space on the block," said Mitchell.

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Los Angeles gets rid of parking pay stations after complaints

By: Leo Stallworth ABC7
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