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Three Teens Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges Following 15-Year-Old Audrie Pott’s Suicide
By: Morbid   |  Email: n/a

Santa Clara, CA – Police in California have arrested three 16-year-old boys, accusing them of sexually assaulting 15-year-old Audrie Pott at a party last year. Days later, Audrie would kill herself after photos of the attack began circulating online.

Audrie Pott was attending a house party at a friend’s house in September 2012 with about eight or ten high school students. Alcohol was being consumed and Audrie got so drunk she ended up unconscious in a bedroom. That’s where at least three male teens performed various sexual acts on her.

“Based on what we know, she was unconscious, there were multiple boys in the room with her,” attorney Robert Allard said. “They did unimaginable things to her while she was unconscious.”

During the assault, someone took photos of Audrie which were first spread via cell phones but ultimately ended up on Facebook. Shortly after the incident, Audrie wrote on her Facebook page: “The whole school knows…My life is ruined.” A week later, Audrie took her own life after learning that photos of the sexual assault were being distributed online.

Audrie’s parents, who didn’t even know their daughter had been raped until after she killed herself, want the teens prosecuted as adults and plan to sue about 10 other people, including students and some parents. “What these boys did is beyond unconscionable,” Allard said. “They should be held to the highest standard of the law to make sure this never ever happens again.”

All three boys are currently being held in a juvenile facility until their detention hearing next week. As of Thursday evening, they have not been charged with a crime. Along with the sexual battery charges, they may also be facing charges of disseminating child porn online. The sheriff’s office said their investigation is far from over and they are still in the process of writing search warrants.

Audrie’s family members have since created the Audrie Pott Foundation providing Art and Music scholarships to Students in the San Francisco Bay Area. They also plan to hold a news conference on Tuesday where they would like to see Audrie’s name associated with legislation that would seek to prevent cyber bullying.

Three Teens Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges Following 15-Year-Old Audrie Pott’s Suicide

By: Morbid
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