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Living Colour 25th Anniversary “Vivid”
El Rey Los Angeles
By: Alek Kluft & RADCHAD   |  Email: radchad70@hotmail.com

To Celebrate the 25th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album “Vivid” Living Colour has gone on tour playing the album in it’s entirety for the first time. Saturday night they played a sold out show at the El Rey in Los Angeles, which was the last date of the West Coast part of the tour. The great thing about the El Rey is getting to see your favorite bands in a venue that’s not too big or small, but is a good size. Vernon Reid dedicated the show to legendary producer Phil Ramone who passed away on Saturday  Ramone was always very supportive of the band. The show started with “Preachin’ Blues” by Robert Johnson. Then they went into their biggest hit “Cult Of Personality,” which is the first song off “Vivid.” Every song on the album is great, so it was nice hearing all of it especially the ones Living Colour doesn’t play live often. Right when Will Calhoun did his classic opening drum fill after Reid’s opening riff the crowd started jumping. The songs sounded even better than they did 25 years ago. Although Living Colour has changed in appearance from those days, they are as fierce as ever. Vernon Reid (Guitar) was wearing a vest and tie while color glover was wearing a sweater and Kangol hat and have since cut their hair. As individual musicians they are all top players, and together as a band they are force to be reckoned with. Reid still plays the solos just as fast, Glover’s voice is still great, Will Calhoun is an even harder hitter now, and Doug Wimbish plays all Muzz Skillings parts great with his own twist as well as the songs he recorded with Living Colour. Calhoun was on fire the whole night then played a solo after the last track of Vivid “Which Way To America” starting with an electronic pad then moving over the set. Glover sang a very powerful intro on “Open Letter” just like on the original recording. The audience got to sing the chorus while Glover conducted. On “Middle Man” and “Glamour Boys” The floor became a dance floor.  Once Living Colour finished Vivid they played “Bi” “Ignorance Is Bliss,” and “Leave It Alone” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Stain, which was the first album Wimbish played on with them. The Encore consisted of “Love Rears It’s Ugly Head,” and “Time’s Up.”Being a Living Colour fan I've wanted to see them live for a few years, and since one of my favorite albums beginning to end is" Vivid" this was a show not to be missed. I would definitely see Living Colour again on this tour.


1.     Preachin’ Blues (Robert Johnson Cover)

2.     Cult Of Personality

3.     I Want To Know

4.      Middle Man

5.     Desperate People

6.     Open Letter (To A Landlord)

7.     Funny Vibe

8.     Memories Can’t Wait (Talking Heads Cover)

9.     Broken Hearts

10. Glamour Boys

11. What’s Your Favorite Colour?

12. Which Way To America?

13. Drum Solo

14. Bi (With Bass Solo)

15. Ignorance Is Bliss


16. Love Rears It’s Ugly Head

17. Time’s Up

By Alek Kluft - akluft1@gmail.com


Living Colour 25th Anniversary “Vivid”
El Rey Los Angeles

By: Alek Kluft & RADCHAD
Company Name: © Alex Kluft Photography
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