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The House of Metal - Not just another venue.
By: RADCHAD   |  Email: radchad70@hotmail.com

Orange County has a multitude of things to offer. It has amusement parks like Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, it also offers beautiful beaches, The Honda Center, The Grove and The Observatory.  But did you know Orange County also has a variety of night clubs and bars for all your musical and entertainment needs.

40 miles South from Los Angeles, CA is a bar and grill called Malone's in Santa Ana, California that is making a name for it's self in the music community. Leading this charge is a trio of promoters -  Eddie Cieplinski , Jackie Davis and Michael Cummings, AKA - The House of Metal.

With it's two stages - One headliner and one small. " Malone's/HOM gives the bands a feeling of not being rushed in and out like they were cattle." Say's Eddie of The House of Metal. "Bands could come in set up, while the other band is killing it."  And it does works. I have seen this first hand while attending a show or two @ Malone's.

The House of Metal has become the go to for the hottest Local and National acts to come and play.  Yes, it's a good drive from the Hollywood strip, but with Malone’s you don't have to worry about over priced drinks, paid parking, unfriendly bouncers, or the same bands playing over and over again. 

What I find most interesting about HOM, is that it truly supports local acts from all over. It's not just there to fill a venue with bodies playing instruments. They promote and work with hard working bands to secure a show that will best fit the music agenda. With Malone's, some shows have extra appeal because they are organized as special events. 

There’s a ton of musical acts involved in what promises to be an exciting year @ The HOM. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just come and check out the next show with Bango Tango on April 12, 2013. And remember to always support and occupy your local bands and venues wherever you hail from.

Malone's Bar and Grill - AKA House of Metal
604 E. Dyer Rd.
Santa Ana, Ca 92705
(714) 979-6000

The House of Metal - Not just another venue.

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