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The Flags of American History
By: Vand Trussel  

There are fewer objects to awaken the passion, the various emotions such as American flags throughout history.

A brief history of American flags throughout history

When you believe that history of the flag lies just over 200 years, it's amazing to consider the impact of this symbol of freedom has had on people around the world. Whether it is the view of the battered flag in the center of the battle, as described by Francis Scott Key, or the vision of the American flag carried through the European theater of war, bringing freedom and liberty to war-torn countries and imprisoned Jews - the flag is easily one of the most powerful symbols of liberty and freedom in the world today.

The first flag was called the "Grand Union Flag", raised the January 1, 1776, by General Washington in his headquarters. Another early flag, many patriots who know and recognize (seen in many biker jackets) is the rattlesnake and the motto "Do not tread on me."

June 14 1777, Congress passed the Flag Act, which stated that the new United States Flag consist of thirteen stripes, red and white stars and thirteen of the 13 colonies of the Union. There were some variations in design, and nobody is sure who created the first. Many history textbooks tell students about the legend of Betsy Ross, but the truth is, nobody knows if the story is true. In fact, many historians suspect that the design of the flag was first created by Francis Hopkinson of the Continental Congress.

two stars and two stripes were added to the flag of 1792, to incorporate the two new states of Vermont and Kentucky. The 15 stars and stripes of the flag was a view over the battlefield by Francis Scott Key, who wrote the "Star-Spangled Banner."

Finally, in 1818, Congress passed another law, which provides for 13 new bands, and stars of the number of states. The last star was finally added on July 4, 1960, when U.S. Hawaii became a state.

"Do not tread on me flag" is a little known part of American history. Also called the "Gadsden Flag," which is the ultimate symbol of American independence and freedom from dictatorship and oppression rule.

The symbol first appeared in all the colonies in 1775 and consisted of the American rattlesnake wood, coiled and ready to strike. According to historians of America, the symbol was painted on some drums carried by the first marines who accompanied the first U.S.

Navy in their first battles aboard the boat called "The Alfred." The symbol, a fearsome rattlesnake, poised to strike, with thirteen rattles, and display the motto "Do not Do not tread on me" has become a powerful symbol of patriotism and the armed forces, but especially for the Navy and Marines.

Other American Flags Through History

Addition to the stars and stripes, the revolutionary period of American history, was also represented by a number of flags that settlers created during these difficult times.

Fort Moultrie Flag: The defense of the settlers of Fort Moutrie in South Carolina in 1776 created the first flag that represents the fight for freedom of America. This is a blue flag with a crescent moon in the corner. Printed on the moon, was the word "Liberty."

Green Mountain Boys Flag: This flag was created by the militia in New Hampshire on August 16, 1777, commanded by General John Stark. Was flown at the Battle of Bennington, which included a green flag with 13 stars in the corner in a dark blue background.

Regiment Flag of Rhode Island: The Regiment of Rhode Island brought its own unique flag during the Revolutionary War. The flag was white, with an anchor symbol in the center, and a blue corner with 13 stars.

Commodore Perry Flag: In an incredible battle during the War of 1812, Captain James Lawrence of the Chesapeake, during his last moments before he died in his boat with pride to his men "do not give up the ship. "Not long after this sad event, Commodore Perry raised a flag with these words during the Battle of Lake Erie, which encouraged men to win the battle.

Bennington Flag: A flag that looks much like the stars and stripes, probably created in 1826 for the 50th anniversary of The Declaration of Independance, has red and white, but a corner with two stars on top, and an arc of stars on the number "76."

Cavalry Guidone: This well-known flag was carried by the cavalry during the Civil War. These were taken by soldiers of cavalry across the western U.S. for many years. The flag had the stars and stripes, but the stars in the corner is formed in a circle with a star in each corner. The right edge of the flag had a "V" notch in it.

A History of Independence

American flags throughout history represent the yearning of the heart human to remain free from oppression and dictatorship rule. These symbols represent our commitment to American freedom, liberty and justice for all.

The Flags of American History

By: Vand Trussel
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