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About Us

This is your chance to be heard, to be read, to be seen!
Our mission is to create an eclectic meeting place for all the different and unique people of Los Angeles. LAbest.com is the place for you to openly express your views, ideas, stories and interesting comments. Los Angeles is considered the most diverse city on the planet and we would like to create a website that mirrors that.

LAbest.com is looking for writers who are eager to have a platform for their work to be seen. LAbest.com is growing in popularity every day.

This is your chance to be heard, to be read, to be seen!
To establish your work on a site that is active in the SoCal scene and we all know that if it is happening in LA the world is watching.

We are looking for writers with an edge.
If you have something to say on topics as diverse as sports, entertainment, politics, drugs, fetish, health, fitness, sexuality or music and it is interesting we will publish it and credit you.

LAbest.com is the perfect site to build your portfolio of published works. You can add your bio to all articles and if you are passionate about a particular subject and are interested in writing a weekly article we will be happy to provide you a permanent front page presence.

If you're interested in writing for us please click on the link below to register and  follow the prompts.